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With a commitment to patient care, advocacy, research and education, Chesapeake Dental Consulting offers a wide range of services of interest to the dental profession.

With an emphasis upon optimizing clinical activity to support educational and public health missions Chesapeake Dental Consultants seeks to have the various components of dental services work in harmony with one another in order to elevate an organization’s mission.

Experienced consultants span the worlds of Universities, hospitals, federally qualified health centers, research institutes, corporate dentistry, private practice and public advocacy.

If you are ready to take your organization to a higher level of performance, we may be able to bring you there more efficiently and with fewer bumps in the road.

Chesapeake Dental Consulting Expertise

Chesapeake Dental Consulting has primary expertise in the integration of advanced educational programs and cost-effective clinical programs.

Recognizing the challenges offered by different payer systems Chesapeake Dental Consulting partners create a clinical path to optimize reimbursement and clinical facilities typically through rational and sustainable growth.

Consultants have particular expertise in General Dentistry, Pediatric Dentistry, Orthodontics and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, as well as understanding how to integrate highly specialized services, such as dental implants, sedation and endodontics into existing clinical activity or as part of an expanded scope of service application.



Chesapeake Dental Consulting offers solutions.

To do so our consultants learn everything about your organization and your department in order to understand strengths and weaknesses within the organization as well as in the local regulatory environment.

Our consultants have a broad range of experience in the private and public sectors and have great understanding of public health dentistry and the measures necessary to provides such service in a fiscally responsible way.

In addition to understanding the components necessary for fiscal health, our consultants have great experience with the requirements of accredited educational programs and mechanisms to integrate academic activity into public health environments while enhancing clinical outcomes and fiscal health.


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