Adult and General Dentistry Preceptorship Program

Preceptorship Programs in Adult and General General Dentistry are available for 3, 6 or 12 month durations.

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Program Title Adult and General Dentistry  
Course Director Dr. Tumouh Al-Allaq  
Course Duration 3, 6 or 12 months  
Objectives To allow the participant to observe post-doctoral education in Adult and General Dentistry education in the United States  
Program Format Participants are involved in all phases of the didactic program, including CE course offerings and other scholarly activities

Participants will be allowed to observe all clinical procedures, however, direct patient care by participants may not be provided

Class Size 1 to 2 participants concurrently  
Applicant Eligibility DDS or DMD degree from a CODA accredited or equivalent foreign  institution  
Immigration Status Proof of US citizenship, Green Card or Visitor Visa must be provided  
Tuition and Fees


Stipend and Benefits

  • 3 months – $6,000
  • 6 months – $10,000
  • 12 months – $15,000

No stipend, nor benefits are offered

Certificate Candidates will receive a Certificate of Attendance from Chesapeake Health Care upon successful completion of their program