Dental Outreach

Chesapeake Health Care supports, perhaps, the most meaningful Outreach Program in Maryland.

Staffed by Dentists, including Pediatric Dentists and Pediatric Dental residents, public health Hygienists, Dental Assistants and a Dental Outreach Partner providing case management, the various teams are able to provide a full range of preventive services, risk assessment and most importantly, referral to facilities capable of providing all needed care and willing to do so.

With screening, fluoride varnish and sealant application activities in all public schools in Somerset and Wicomico Counties and a growing number in Worcester County, as well, what has distinguished our program is the availability of clinical infrastructure and personnel to provide comprehensive dental services to children at risk.

In addition to school based activities, the Division of Dental Outreach is actively involved in Head Start Programs and other early childhood center activities, such as local  “Judy Centers.”

Division of Dental Outreach personnel also provide services to children of migrant population communities and during summer camp sessions.

Most recently, the Division of Dental Outreach has designed and implemented 

an exciting new program  for expectant mothers. Together with our Department of Obstetrics, we have embedded public health Hygienists into the Obstetrics practice to perform screening exams, offer fluoride varnish application, education for expectant mothers and their children and referral, as warranted to our new Salisbury dental facility.

Through all of these activities, including school based presentations, meeting with parent groups and participating in various health fairs, the Division of Dental Outreach seeks to identify a Dental Home for those in need.